Taking a Break
[00:00:00] Tim: I'm Tim Panton, and this is the distributed future podcast. It's actually not a traditional edition in the sense that this is really only to let you know that we're taking a break until mid January. and wishing you a happy holiday and a relaxing time if you feel a need for some. Distributed future goodness.
Then I strongly suggest you subscribe and listen to maybe some of the earlier ones that you, you hadn't heard. I can recommend, well, obviously all of them, but, some standard ones you might want to look at. Listen to Dan lane and I, shooting the breeze about jet packs and other transport issues or, VM and Abby Rose talking about the future of farming.
There were some great additions. and if you go even further back, there are some, some great things. And Curry and I talked about the future of service and how they're burning the planet. so there's a lot lot to catch up on if you're one of the people [00:01:00] who's actually heard all of that already.
there is other content out there you could listen to. One of the things that I particularly enjoy listening to over the break is the content from the chaos computer Congress, which takes place between Christmas and new year. They stream live, stream, live, and they also upload video. the content is great.
It's, eclectic. It's somewhat, parallel to what we do. It tends to be. A higher technical content, although some of the political ones are actually very political. so sort of what we do and the more extreme and slightly more dramatic. so I strongly recommend you listen to some of those, or watch them.
Indeed. those are media adopts CCC dot D and I would. Also mentioned that they actually prefer that you use their direct link. Although the talks do appear on YouTube, is CCC is of the view that they don't really see why Google should profit from their content. So they will be happier if you listen to it direct [00:02:00] or less site, rather than, being used to sell advertising for Google, which is, Again, a typically a interesting viewpoint from, from our friends in, in Germany. So having listened to that, and otherwise we'll hopefully you'll hear us in January and care.